Text only. Last updated 12/23/2014.

NYC Transit subways uptown

To get up to the theatre district from Penn Station (34th Street), look for signs directing you to the UPTOWN C or E Trains. These are Eighth Avenue trains that stop at 42nd Street and 50th Street. The 42nd Street stop is the first stop out of Penn Station and puts you at the bottom (south) end of the theatre district: the Westside Theater is on 43rd and the Helen Hayes is on 44th. If you get off at 50th (2nd stop), you'll be close to the Broadway (53rd) and Gershwin (51st) Theaters. All the other theaters are between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, except for a few that are just east of Seventh. A, C, and E Trains are all available at Penn Station but only the C and E trains (locals) make the two theatre district stops. If you "Take The A Train", it stops at 42nd Street but only makes the 50th Street stop on late night runs - after 11:30 PM.

At the opposite end of Penn Station is the Seventh Avenue Station where you can get the #1 Train. Look for the UPTOWN tracks. #1 is a Seventh Avenue/Broadway (local) train that stops at 42nd and 50th Streets. The #2 and #3 are express trains that stop ONLY at 42nd Street, NOT at 50th.

MetroCard is required - available at vending machines. Base fare is $2.50. (Single ride ticket is $2.75 - only at machines, nust be used within two hours.) A new MetroCard is $1.00; save the card and re-fill it at a machine. 7-day/30-day Unlimited are $30/$55. For more fare info go to www.mta.info/metrocard/

A complete map of the MTA subway system is also available.